Summer Vacation at Guelph


bondingSummer is usually an awesome time to just get outdoors, have fun and be active. I spent mine at Willow Creek Water Dogs in Guelph with my fur baby.  How did you spent yours? Summer provides the perfect time for you to bond with your pet dog. With summer just around the corner, it is good to try out new activities. You can have lots of fun and enjoy the sunshine with your pooch during this time.
The following are some of the summer bonding activities for you and your pet dog:


One of the great ways you can make your daily walk more thrilling and challenging for your dog is to hike. However, it is important to ensure that the park is dog-friendly. This is because not all outdoor parks and recreational hiking will allow you to take your dog on-and off-leash. They have restrictions and also many National Parks don%u2019t permit them on hiking trails. You should ensure that you keep the park safe as well as in good condition by cleaning up after your pet dog.


Swimming is one of the best ways not only to exercise but also have a great bonding experience with your canine friend. The summer months provide the best time for you to go swimming with your pet dog. In addition, it offers relief from the harsh heat. You can opt to either use your private pool or look for a nearby fresh-water lake that is dog-friendly.

Dock diving

When it comes to dock diving, you don%u2019t have to worry about a dock for this particular activity. All you need to do is find a lakeshore or other clean and safe area where you can swim. To get started, you will just simply throw a floating toy out into the water and ask your pooch to dive into the water after it and retrieve it for you. In case you want to take the fun to the next level, you can go ahead and join a Dock Diving club in your locality so that your pet dog can compete against other dogs. You and your dog can really benefit when you interact socially at the club.


The fetch game is a real classic summer month’s activity. You can make it more interesting by using a tennis racquet of a Frisbee to ensure that the object travels farther. Since your dog has a strongest sense is smell, you should involve his nose by giving him a nice scent of the object before throwing it. You should take charge of the game and determine when to start and end the activity.

Knowing The Causes Of Endovirus D68 Can Help You Prevent It


8405362662_a5f2951f27_cIn most cases, Endovirus D68 is not hazardous. I ran across FourSquare CleanFirst, mentioned that Endovirus D68 creates mild, cold like symptoms that disappear within a week. An infected person will most likely experience a runny nose, coughing, and sneezing. Some infected individuals also experience minor aches and pains in random parts of the body. These symptoms can be treated with over-the-counter medications like Advil. However, if the patient has a pre-existing respiratory condition, or is immunocompromised, the virus can produce severe symptoms.

Severe Cases Of Endovirus D68

Patients who are experiencing Endovirus D68 with a compromised immune system, or other condition that makes them more susceptible to the effects, will have difficulty breathing. This is often accompanied by wheezing.

The Cause Of This Disease

No one really knows how many of the viruses plaguing us today got started. However, they do have a discovery date. Endovirus D68 was discovered in California in 1962. It is one of more than a hundred non-polio enteroviruses. Viruses are created through mutations in other viruses. This virus was caused by a similar one going through small changes in the structure of its DNA.

How It’s Spread: The Cause Of Disease In Humans

Endovirus D68 affects the respiratory tract. The virus itself is also found in the respiratory tract that it’s affecting. Endovirus D68 has been found in the saliva, nasal mucus, and sputum of patients it’s infecting.

This has led many medical professionals to believe that it is most likely spread from the coughing and sneezing of an infected person. It can also be spread from the physical contact of a surface that the virus is on.

Preventing The Spread Of This Virus

The best way to prevent transmission of this virus is for a person who’s infected to practice good personal hygiene. Do not have him cover his mouth with his hand when he coughs. Have him cough into his arm instead. If saliva, or mucus has made contact with the person’s hands, he needs to wash them immediately. Preferably, before he touches anything.

Keep In Mind That It’s Usually Not Dangerous

It’s okay to relax when this virus comes to town. The chances of severe symptoms are quite low. This virus is uncomfortable to experience though. That’s why some personal hygiene precautions should be taken. Reminding the kids, and some adults, to wash their hands should be enough. Personal hygiene and clean air at home are the keys when it comes to control. To get more information about air quality control test, call an expert on Yelp Page.

The Many Benefits Of CrossFit

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In the years since it was first created CrossFit has quickly become one of the most popular fitness and exercise plans across the entire world. It has also engendered a lot of controversy with some people questioning its safety.

The truth is that CrossFit is highly effective at pushing a person to be the most fit version of themselves possible.

Mentally one of the nice things about CrossFit is that you are truly only competing against yourself. Yes there are competitions, but most people do not begin this program with the intention of joining them. When you go to a CrossFit gym you are challenging yourself and only yourself. What anyone around you is doing has no relevancy to you.

Entering this type of fitness regime with that kind of mental outlook is important because it will prevent you from pushing yourself too far too fast.

From a physiological and biological perspective the benefits of CrossFit are almost too numerous to mention.

Let’s take a look at it from a weight loss perspective which is one of the reasons many people join in the first place. Weight loss can really be boiled down to eating healthy and getting exercise. However not all exercise is equal in its effectiveness for this purpose. By far the most effective type of exercise a person can do in order to shed excess fat is high intensity interval training paired with the concept of muscle confusion.

This type of training will always keep your body guessing as to what type of physical ordeal will next be thrown at it. As such the body will have no choice but to leave its metabolism burning at an incredibly high rate and it will have to constantly send out muscle growth and HGH signals.

With hockey players, we use these high intensity trainings A LOT because the sport is very quick for short periods of time before you sub off for a teammate. We therefore utilized the methods from MFO Training crossfit centre on our athletes, and after only several weeks, we’ve already seen a significant improvement.

This is what causes rapid weight loss and rapid muscle gain. CrossFit is the pinnacle of high intensity interval training. In the modern fitness world there is really no comparison to what it can do for a person trying to get into shape.

Ultimately if you are planning to give CrossFit a try here is what you should keep in mind. First, remember that you are only competing against yourself. Second, you do not have to get through the entire workout on the first day. Build yourself up slowly. Finally, have fun! The more enjoyable and exercise routine is, the more likely you are to stick with it.