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2024-2025 Hockey Season

Even though our Registration dates have passed, it is never too late to register for GBSA. Contact our Registrar at



We are no longer requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination status to participate in our programs. Face coverings are no longer mandated however, we encourage you to wear a face covering if you feel the need to.

REMEMBER: If you feel unwell, please stay home! This will protect all the other players on your team and in our program.


We are pleased to offer the following payment options this year: Debit, Credit (Visa or MasterCard), E-transfer or cash.

If a payment plan is required and approved, the payments will be a maximum of three installments of $60 each with the first payment required at registration.
Payment plans will be paid in a maximum of three installments of $60 each. The 1st payment of $60 will be required at registration. The 2nd payment of $60 is due by first Saturday in November and the 3rd payment of $60 is due by the first Saturday in December. Players will not be allowed to participate if payment has not been received by ice time.

Registration fee for 2023-2024 season will be $180.

*Please note the registration fee for the 2024-2025 season will be $200.


If you require payment assistance, please use the services below to see:

  • Kidsport (under 18 yrs) – we will assist with form completion and will submit on players behalf
  • VON (under 18 yrs) – if you receive support through VON, they will reimburse you the full amount for registration fees. Please contact your Coordinator.
  • Passport Funding (18+ yrs) – If you receive passport funding, the registration fees can be fully reimbursed. Send in your receipt and fill out your expense form.


Click the button below to download the form

This form is for new players or players returning after a couple of years. Please ensure you complete both sides of the form.

Returning players, we will have your Player Profiles already completed and ready for your review at registration.

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Send an E-Transfer to:
Send Cheque to:
9606 Tower Rd.
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To Help Support our Passion for allowing individuals with learning, emotional and/or social disabilities the opportunity to play Canada’s game of hockey in a structured league.